January 23, 2024

Pinned Projects

Pinned Projects

+ name relocation and UI enhancements

Pinned project in the Brick app
Pinned project in the Brick app
Pinned project in the Brick app
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Nikita Kazhin

Co-founder at Brick

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Hey friend,

This is Nikita from Brick.

Two small but mighty updates today.

One: pinned projects.

If you want a project to stay easily accessible, you can now pin it.

Simply drag & drop that project onto the mid-bottom 'Pin' area, and it'll get pinned to the top of your list + sport a 📌 icon.

To make pinned projects stand out even more, we gave 'em a nice white border.

Pinned project UI in the Brick app

Two: new name location

Both project and brick names are now edited at the top of their respective screens. This change will help us introduce two powerful additions to the brick screen very soon.

On top of that, when you're inside a project or a brick, their full names (vs. just the first line) are now always visible so you never have to scroll to get the full context or wrestle with your cursor when renaming.

New name location in the Brick app

​These updates (+ a bunch of smaller improvements & bug fixes) are available in the app right now, try them.​

See you again very soon.

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