May 15, 2024

Making all the mistakes so you don't have to

Making all the mistakes so you don't have to

Add mistakes to avoid in your project or ask Brick AI to make them all for you

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Nikita Kazhin

Co-founder at Brick

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Hey friend,

This is Nikita from Brick.

Another update, another actually-useful AI mode in Brick.

When you have a new project or idea, it's good to know what to do.

But there's something else that just as important.

Knowing what NOT to do.

Because who likes making mistakes, right?

Here's how we're helping you avoid yours now:

• There's now a new 'Mistakes' tab under every brick (task) in your project.

The mistakes tab in the Brick app

• Once there, tap + to add as many mistakes to avoid as you like.

The Mistakes tab in the Brick app with a user-generated note "Build it and they will come"

• As per usual though, there's a faster way: Ask AI

The Mistakes tab in the Brick app with AI-generated mistakes to avoid

Just tap the button and get 7 of the most likely mistakes for this particular task in this particular project.

If you like them, just append them to the ones you've added on your own. Hit Regenerate if you don't.

Done and dusted, no more rookie mistakes for you.

​The update (+ a bunch of smaller improvements) is live on the app stores right now.​ Ask AI for mistakes is available on all paid plans without limits.

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