March 23, 2023

Let's talk about Brick (+Brick on Twitter)

Let's talk about Brick (+Brick on Twitter)

You can help make Brick better.

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Nikita Kazhin

Co-founder at Brick

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Hey friends 👋,

Brick has been in open Beta for the past 2 months.

I realize now that I wasn't open enough about the evolution of the app, so I want to fix that (and ask for your help ⬇️). Here's a quick recap:

  • Since mid-January, I've had some great conversations, and received incredibly helpful feedback and ideas (most of them would frankly never cross my mind otherwise) to help make Brick better.

  • We made a number of changes including better syncing, error logging, intuitiveness and visibility for interface elements, and, of course, squashed some bugs.

  • The biggest changes are still under the hood as we prepare for a near-total backend revamp that'll make the app A LOT faster in the coming weeks. The goal is to make sure its speed satisfies even the most picky users.

Once that’s live, we'll be on the finish line to the app's release. As Jason Fried of 37signals put it, only "real usage on real things on real days during the course of real work is the only way to validate anything." So, we won’t wait for perfect.

But before we can get there, I'd like to ask for your help.

I keep asking myself: "What if we missed something important?"

I chatted with only a small fraction of Brick users, and I want to make sure I open the door for conversation as wide as it goes.

We want to better understand how you use Brick, what problems you're solving with it, and how we can improve the app for you.

So, I'd like to invite you to a quick (10-15 minute-ish) friendly chat to make it happen.

On my part, I'll make myself available for any and all of your concerns, complaints, and questions about Brick and beyond.

No sales pitch and no scripts.

To book the call, simply check out my Calendly or reply to this email. And if you can't find a good slot, please do let me know and I'll make sure to find the time that works for you.

I look forward to connecting!

And, by the way, if you (or someone you know) need help with getting to know the app, I’d love to show you around! Just hit that button above.


P.S., we also just launched Brick's very own Twitter account (NOW DISCONTINUED). So if you prefer keeping track of all the important things at Brick on socials, there are now two options: Twitter and LinkedIn . Thanks!

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