December 30, 2022

Brick is in Beta

Brick is in Beta

Here’s what it means and how to sign up.

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Nikita Kazhin

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Hey 👋,

Two announcements today:

  1. Brick is now in Open Beta. Details in a moment ⬇️

  2. We launched our new website. Completely rebuilt to better present the ideas behind Brick and its features (or purposeful lack thereof!) Check it out.

Now, what’s Beta about?

Starting today, early access to the app is open on iPhones running iOS 13 or later (Android coming soon).

If you previously applied to test Brick on our old website, you'll get a download invitation along with detailed instructions later today.

If not, I invite you to get on the waitlist now. Sign up today, and I promise to get that invitation to you before New Year’s eve.

After downloading, you can use Brick as you would any other app. Give it a critical look, see if it’s something your thumb would stop for on the App Store, and definitely try to break it!

No obligation! If you just want to use it and don’t want anything to do with testing, no biggie, go for it.

But if you’re up for it, we need your help.

Here’s one big reason beta testing is more important for Brick than for most other apps:

We don’t use app analytics (tools that track your behavior in the app). Existing solutions (that we’re aware of) simply don’t pass our privacy test; they track indiscriminately with no way to make sure app developers and service providers can’t identify specific users. (Please do let me know if you know of such a tool, or want to help us build one!😉)

We’ll soon add a service to better detect critical errors (e.g., crashes) in an anonymized way, but otherwise we rely on your feedback to make the experience better. Every and all bug reports or thoughts on what works for you and what doesn’t will make a difference.

Finally, here’s why Beta is worth your time

We did our best to make sure the app starts delivering value right away. No long applications form to fill out or a long vetting process.

Instead, we killed all the points of friction that you’ve come to expect from productivity apps:

  • There’s nothing to set up or customize.

  • You don’t have to create an account. And if you choose to, you don’t need a new password.

  • No personal data required to start. And if you create an account, the maximum you can ever give us is your email (proxies welcome!)

  • No new buttons to learn. If you know drag & drop, you know Brick.

  • We'll offer a forever-free trial once we go live. No limits in Beta.

Our task is simple: give you a tool to break down your goals, find your starting point, and get out of sight. No extra features, no begging for attention, no notifications.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply to this email or ping me on Twitter or LinkedIn any time.

I hope Brick will help you get some clarity about what’s next in your life and work after the clock hits 12. We’re all gonna need it.

Thanks and Happy New Year!🎊

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