March 27, 2024

AI Descriptions: Dig up the big Why

AI Descriptions: Dig up the big Why

Add your own descriptions or ask Brick AI to dig up the big Why behind your goal or any task in your project.

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Nikita Kazhin

Co-founder at Brick

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Hey friend,

This is Nikita from Brick.

Big news: You can now add descriptions to your tasks in Brick. Yay. We're excited, maybe you should be, too. Btw, it has AI!1! Double yay, right? Okay, whatever, bye.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

I know you love some good ol' 'AI for the sake of AI'.

And this is how we could go about it but we didn't want to half-ass it, just add a text field for you and call it a day (and a Feature). Where's the fun (and value) in that?

Here's what's actually going on:

• There's now a second tab under every brick (task) in your project. So you have 2 options: break it down, or add a note (description).

The description tab in the Brick app with an empty field

• If you don't feel like typing it all on your own (or thinking too much), smash "Ask AI", and it'll give you its take. If you like it, just tap Append and it'll be added to your brick.

Description tab in the Brick app with an AI-generated note

• That's where it gets interesting. Brick AI got an additional mission here.

It doesn't just describe the task, but answers the question: "Is this task important at all for the goal?" It doesn't just strive to add context but helps you stay on track and get to your goal ASAP.

And if the answer to that question is no, well, you asked for it.

It'll give a bit of tough love that you deserve. Hint: don't waste your time on this task.

Description tab in the Brick app with an AI-generated note that says hiring a $550/hr consulatant isn't prudent for a startup

Hope this can save you time and heartache.

​The update (+ a bunch of smaller improvements) is available on the app stores right now.​ AI descriptions are available on all paid plans without limits.

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